The Best Smart Light Bulbs of 2017 (LED smart Bulb) Bubfi Smart Bulb



We provide gloomy multi-color lights, eye-catching rainbow lights, special lights for candle light dinner, party night lights, white lights for the study room, bright light for the morning time and a number of pleasant modes to enhance the beauty of your home. All these various scene modes are available in one light bulb. Whether you tune CNN on your TV, YouTube or enjoying a late night movie on Netflix, you can easily change the color shades just as you want.
BubFi smart bulb will entertain you, your children and your valuable guest. You can change the color and pattern of your bulb just by sliding the fingers on your smart phone screen. See your home in colourful environment ….!
This is the multi-featured bulb that resonates with every environment and setting.  The various scene modes with the color spectrum of Aquarius perfectly match with any surroundings. Turn on the relevant color scheme while watching the news on CNN, then go for a different color choice when you are on Netflix.

BubFi smart bulb is the best buy for the houses, hotels and all other places. 

• Light color: 16 million colors light adjustable from smartphone
• Wi-Fi controlled
• Smart Phone Controlled: smart control with iPhone, Android Phone and tablets
• Free APP download
• LED colors: RGB and White
• Affordable and Reliable
• Dimmable: with brightness control feature
• Timer, Desired Color Set and multiple modes
    ·       Ideal to use in houses, hotels and multiple settings. 
    ·       Provides perfect adjustable color scheme for watching TV, from watching CNN, to Netflix and YouTube            

      Application areas of BubFi smart bulb:     

  • ·       Homes;  16 million colors combinations to resonate with every setting, from birthday parties, family gatherings, study, Tv lounge from watching the news on CNN to enjoying a movie on Netflix.  
    ·       Hotels;  rather than blowing money hundreds of lights, BubFi smart bulb is the simple solution for hotel owners.
    ·       Shopping Malls
    ·       Amusement parks
    ·       Visiting places
    ·       Marriage Halls
    ·       Various entertainment places   


  • ·       Weddings ceremonies
    ·       Religious celebrations
    ·       Corporate events at hotels
    ·       National events
    ·       Festivals and other events

BUBFI RGB BULB Multiple Modes

     Musical mode, Shake mode, study mode, candle light dinner, party night, flash, strobe, fade, smooth effects and many other interesting modes of RGB light

     Quick Guideline to Test BUBFI BULB

 I.                   Download BUBFI bulb APP from our account or from the following the link: www.
II.                II. Install the APP on your cell phone.
III.             III. Make sure the BUBFI bulb is powered on.
          IV. Go to the Settings of your mobile open WIFI setting.
          V. You will be able to see (BUBFI-RGB-BULB) on your cell phone, connect with it      by clicking on it.
         VI. Open the BUBFI bulb APP; you will be able to see a circular color palette.
         VII. You can scroll on the colors now to change the color of the BUBFI bulb.  
         VIII. The scroll bar upwards will help you change the brightness of the BUBFI bulb.
         IX. There is also a remote tab in the app by choosing that some particular colors are       available to change from.
         X. You can also change password and name of the bulb from your smart phone.

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